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The healing power of magnets has been substantiated by the results of a number of studies carried out by notable scientists.

For example, Virginia University in the USA has used animal experiments to prove that magnets increase circulation and regulate the blood flow, which in turn has a very positive effect on the healing process for swellings, inflammations, scars and sports injuries.
Meanwhile, a British study from 2004 documents how magnetic armbands can alleviate osteo-arthritic pains in the hip and knee regions. The results of this study were published in the British Medical Journal in December 2004, and later in the German medical journal, the Deutsches Ärzteblatt.
In order to be able to reliably document the therapeutic properties of magnetic jewellery in Germany, Dr. h. c. Petra Döring carried out a large-scale survey with 5,100 test subjects between mid-2003 and the end of 2004.
The subjects were required to document their pain perception at the time of purchasing the product, and then again after 4 weeks. They used a scale of 1 to 10. The results were convincing across the board: 92 % of those surveyed perceived improvements relating to at least one symptom!

 Which jewellery works best where?

Top tips on wearing bracelets, rings, earrings and magnetic accessories

Firstly, it must be jewellery that you like and that goes with the other things you are in the habit of wearing! You will only wear your jewellery regularly if you really like it. That is the only way to ensure that the built-in magnets develop their full effect. The magnetic force will be effective no matter where you position your jewellery.

Women frequently wear several bracelets on the same wrist but often only one necklace or pair of earrings. Bracelets can make your wardrobe more flexible. Which is why people like collecting bracelets and even wearing several at thSchmucke same time. Style-conscious, self-confident women wear interesting combinations of bracelets because they want to express their individuality and own personal style. In India, people prefer to display their wealth outwardly in the form of gold bracelets. The more bracelets a woman wears, the richer she is.

Earrings / necklacesRings
Many people think it best to wear earrings or necklaces if they have a migraine or headache because the magnets will be close to the site of the pain. This is not strictly true, as headaches and migraines generally react positively to magnetic jewellery regardless of where it is worn.

Experience shows that the wearing of a bracelet reduces the pain in swollen or ossified finger joints (osteoarthritis, rheumatism). It has an overall effect on all the fingers. Rings can be worn additionally on very painful or stiff fingers. They will help to restore flexibility in a particular finger. If the knuckles have thickened a lot, flexible rings are best. They are easier to slide over the ossified part and they adjust to the circumference of the finger.

Anklets are popular for swollen legs and feet. They are attractive fashion accessories. People who cannot wear jewellery because of their work – or do not want it to be seen – can wear them instead of bracelets and necklaces during working hours.Extra-strong magnetic accessories

Extra-strong magnetic accessories
Extra-strong and larger magnets are available as accessories for local application. Because of the size and strength of the magnets, these accessories have a larger area of effect and are particularly effective for period pains, tension in the shoulder or neck area, back complaints and elbow or knee pain.

Kids collectionsKids‘ collections for fun and wellness
Testimonials indicate that the wearing of magnetic jewellery takes some of the stress out of the school day, reduces examination anxiety and can also improve concentration. When you give a child a piece of magnetic jewellery, you also give it an extra dose of well-being.

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