WaterSource of all life; it is a symbol for vitality, purity and rejuvenation. People, animals and plants need it to survive. H2O is required for all metabolic processes within our bodies. But is water just water? Clearly not! Derived from natural sources is enriched with the earth‘s magnetic field. But by the time it reaches us through the taps, it has lost a lot of its effect.

”H2O is the elementary substance and basic building block of all life, it is the most important basic nutrient!“

Tips on proper consumption

Drink two glasses of magnetized water as soon as you get up in the morning.
Your body needs it right away to replace the water lost during the night.

Drink a large glass of magnetized water half an hour before each meal.
This will provide your pancreas with enough water to neutralize the very acidic digestive
juices of the stomach at the entrance to the small intestine.

Drink water before sport – important for sweating!
Your body can only adjust the temperature of its vital organs if there is enough water available for evaporation.

Drink at least two to three litres of pure water every day.
You need to replace the water lost through walking, running, sweating, sports activities and general exertion. As a rule of thumb, reckon on 30 to 40 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. About 2 litres for 60 kg (women) and 3 litres for 80 kg (men).

Alcohol, coffee and black tea deplete the body of water.
Liquids containing caffeine and theine and diuretic substances stimulate kidney activity. That explains why we have to go to the toilet more quickly and lose large amounts of water after drinking coffee or beer. Balance this out by drinking water.

WaterWater is particularly important for people who eat little fruit and vegetables. The cellular fluid in fruit cells is very similar to human cellular fluid. So fresh fruit juice can be absorbed immediately by the body cells. You can reduce the amount you need to drink by eating a lot of freshly picked fruit, straight from the tree or bush.

Drink non-carbonated water.
People started adding carbon dioxide to mineral water in the 19th century, to increase its shelf life. Nowadays it is often added to soft drinks to create a ”tingling“ sensation that many people find stimulating. We inhale oxygen. Carbon dioxide is something we breathe out every second when we exhale. So carbon dioxide can be described as a waste product of breathing.

No other drink can replace water!
H2O is a solvent and cleansing agent. You don‘t do your washing in coffee, tea, beer, cola, juice or milk! What is good for textile fibers is equally good for your blood vessels.

Tip:  Add a dash of lemon or a shot of apple juice to your water. You will give it a pleasant taste without reducing its cleansing effect.

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