Q. How long do neodymium magnets remain effective?
A.  Neodymium magnets come with a lifetime guarantee (neodymium loses about 1 % of its strength every 100 years!).

Q. Do the magnets have to be on a pulse point?
A.  No. They are effective wherever blood is circu¬lating, i. e. on all parts

Q. Which magnetic jewellery or accessory is most effective and suits me best?
A.  Firstly, it must be jewellery that you like! You will only wear your jewellery regularly if you really like it. That is the only way to ensure that the magnets built into the jewellery develop their full effect. The magnetic force will be effective no matter where you position your magnetic jewellery.

Q. How long does it take for magnet therapy to have an effect?
A.  Many people feel the first positive effects within a few days. Others start to notice changes only after two or three weeks. It is very individual and depends on a lot of factors, such as the type and duration of the complaint(s). As a rough guide, the longer the duration of the pains and the feeling of ill health, the longer the magnets take to have an effect. Usually the first signs that magnet therapy is working are higher energy levels and a greater sense of general well-being. Hyperactive people, for instance, feel calmer and better adjusted.

Q. Does magnet therapy have any side effects?
A.  In rare cases, individuals felt a slight malaise (like the initial worsening after homeopathic treatment) but this disappeared immediately the bracelet was worn for just a few hours. There was nevertheless an improvement in the original complaint. Some time later, they were able to wear the bracelet throughout the day.

Q. Can I wear my bracelet on the same arm as my watch?
A.  Yes, but mechanical watches can be affected by the strong magnetic field. If you have this type of watch, ask the manufacturer about its sensitivity to magnetic fields. You should also be careful with EC and credit cards. Magnets should not come into direct contact with such means of payment as they can damage the magnetic strip.

Q. Should the magnetic jewellery touch the skin?
A.  You can, for instance, wear your bracelet loosely on your wrist. The magnets are strong enough to have a positive effect. Unlike with acupuncture, pressure does not increase the effectiveness of the magnets.

Q. Should I wear the magnetic jewellery all the time?
A.  You can wear your magnetic jewellery day and night. Many people never take their jewellery off. The earth‘s magnetic field is weaker at night, so it is normally enough to wear the jewellery only during the day.
Magnet therapy is a natural therapy and different people react to it differently. Try out what works best for you!

Q. Can I wear magnetic jewellery while showering or bathing?
A.  You are advised to remove your magnetic jewellery before showering, swimming or doing wet household chores. If you do not do so, inset stones and magnets may fall out. The alloys in the jewellery can also be damaged by hair- sprays, perfumes, deodorants or detergents.

Q. How can I clean my copper bracelet?
A.  Take a small piece of lemon or some lemon juice or vinegar and clean the copper with it. Then rinse with clear water.

Q. Can a magnetic bracelet alleviate pain in the knee?
A.  The magnet can improve the blood flow, so toxins will be eliminated and nutrients and oxygen delivered to all the cells (including those of the knee) more efficiently. This enables the body to heal itself better, too. Your headache tablets go into your stomach but they still get rid of your headache (see page 46: The marvel of the circulation).

Q. Can wearing a copper magnetic bracelet discolor my wrist?
A.  Many people find that their wrist turns slightly green as a result of a natural reaction between the acidity of the skin and the copper. This is a good sign and indicates that copper is being dissolved by the perspiration, deposited on the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream. Copper has anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief for people suffering from severe arthritis or rheumatism. The green discoloration washes off easily with soap and water. Many magnet therapy products are not made of copper as a lot of people do not want or need a copper supplement. There are also technical reasons why copper cannot be used with some designs. Rarely, people have an allergic reaction to copper (reddening of the skin).

 Q. I wore the magnet on my hip over weekend and at one point noticed a black & blue mark on skin under one side of it that disappeared quickly when I had it off for a minute.
A.  I presume it is the copper (copper dissolves with sweat + discolours the skin) … copper goes through the skin in the bloodstream + is beneficial (against inflammation – thats why people with rheumatic pain benefit from it. You can check: www.copper.org



Safety information!
People wearing pacemakers should not put magnetic products or jewellery close to the pacemaker as the magnets might have an effect on its battery. Ask your doctor if you can wear an anklet for instance. This way you can avoid contact with the upper body and hence interference with your pacemaker‘s battery.

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